We create so you can

grow your business build your brand bring your ideas to life

We create so you can grow.

Your business is a big deal.

And every single human that makes up Kernel really, really cares about it.

We’re a creative agency spread across 41 states. Our local teams know your community inside and out, and we’re backed by national scale to make the impossible possible. Kernel is your creative partner, specializing in strategy, design & production across all platforms, brand identity, commercials, multiscreen video and campaigns, content creation, events, environments, and more.

Grassroots Creative

You know that abandoned lot by Main Street? The one with that pick-up truck that’s been parked there forever? We do. Kernel teams live and work where you do. We’re invested in your community. We know what makes your community special – and those little nuances that you notice on your morning commute.

Data Nerds and Storytellers

Everything we do starts with your customer. We take the time to dig deep, to find the story your customers need to hear. And then, we make your business the hero.

No Small Potatoes

We treat every client like they’re the next Big Thing, whether we’re building full-scale, experiential events, creative campaigns that establish and build national or regional brands, or designing affordable and effective creative solutions that grow small and local businesses.


From California to
the New York Island

Kernel is made up of extraordinary talent in 41 states. We’re dreamers and strategists, writers and designers, video experts and producers, united in a common goal to deliver the best work for each business we partner with.

We love what we do.


We don’t do creative for the sake of creative. Our affordable creative solutions are grounded in consumer research, so your campaigns can connect with the right customers.


No shortage here. Good energy breeds creativity, and every great idea we develop together is inspired by your brand and your consumers.


With consumer research at our side, our creative teams collaborate on a custom strategy to meet your business’s unique needs.


Kernel experts across all disciplines – brand strategy, design, copy, production, video direction and production, editing, and everything in between – provide the spark that brings ideas to life.


Ideas need a place to call home. Kernel works with Spectrum Reach to develop targeted, strategic creative execution across every platform and screen, with tools that give you fully-transparent access to your campaign’s performance in real-time.

Let's get growing.