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Time Warner Cable Enterprises LLC owns the copyright of all TWC materials, again with the exception of the Los Angeles RSNs. This includes all news content (TWCN, NY1, etc.), local and corporate public and government affairs content, websites, annual reports, original marketing materials, sports programming including pro, semi-pro, collegiate, high school and general interest programming. Really, everything we originally create, own and want to protect, anywhere in the TWC universe, except the RSNs (for details regarding ownership of RSN copyrighted material, please contact Carolyn Desai or Alex Vermeychuk.)

Copyright generally:

Copyright protects original, published works of authorship. For example, we could claim copyright protection with regard to original video programming; the overall look and feel of any TWC webpage; an advertisement (assuming a particularly original ad); our on-screen guide; the appearance of a mobile app like TWC TV; technical specifications; software we produce, etc. A copyright contrasts with other intellectual property such as a trademark (which acts as an identifier of the source of a product or service) and a patent (which protects an original invention).

The Copyright Line/Statement

  1. The copyright statement at the bottom of any material (over which we wish to claim copyright protection), should show the year the material was originally published, like this:

    • © 2016 Time Warner Cable Enterprises LLC, all rights reserved.

    • Spanish translation: © 2016 Time Warner Cable Enterprises LLC, derechos reservados.

    The above example assumes the material was first published (or aired) in 2016.

  2. If we re-use material year after year, the copyright line should maintain the year it was first published. Assuming the material is a website that we update sporadically, the copyright statement should also reflect the year(s) that we modified it, like this:

    • © 2008, 2010, 2016 Time Warner Cable Enterprises LLC, all rights reserved.

    The above example assumes the material was created in 2008, and modified (but not replaced in entirety) in 2010 and 2016. Note that the first year of publication is always retained.

  3. Assuming we update a website at least once a year, the copyright statement may be shortened to the following:

    • © 2000-2016 Time Warner Cable Enterprises LLC, all rights reserved.

    The above example assumes the site went live in 2000 and was modified (but not replaced in its entirety) every year from then until now (including modification in 2016). We should wait until we make a change to the site in 2016 before changing the copyright notice. Changing the copyright date only would NOT represent a material change to the site.

    [It is worth noting that the law does not require that TWC include a copyright line or statement appear on original works to claim rights. However, the notice may be effective in preventing some infringement and for the purposes of some damages claims, so it is strongly recommended since it costs us nothing to include.]

Use of “Road Runner” and the “Bird” cartoon character

While we realize that we have all but eliminated our use of the “Road Runner” brand of Internet services, we maintain the right to use it in accordance with a license with Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. Therefore, if any assets are produced showing either the name “Road Runner” or the image of the “Road Runner Bird”, we are required by our Brand License to include the following notice (in accordance with commercially reasonable standards):

“Road Runner” and its image are ™ and © Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. (s16)

This statement attributes ownership of the Road Runner name and character to Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. If you do not use the image of the Bird, the “and ©” need not be included. The “(s16)” is the “ship date” for the service we sell, and should be updated to “(s16)” for any ad, etc. that we produce this year. This ship date should appear on a separate line below the rest of the statement.

Contacting Us

If you have any questions regarding this Privacy Policy, or the privacy practices of Time Warner Cable in connection with this Website, you may contact us at

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